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DHAEF Creative Village (DHcrev)


The Digital Hub Africa Creative village is an innovative tech hub project to provide enabling environment for aspiring startups and entrepreneurs.


Under the Digital Hub Africa creative village project, we have an incubator programs, seed fund and co-working space to serve every startups. We are creating a community of tech entrepreneurs, innovators and angel investors for the development of this our emerging economy.


Our purpose is to bring together Africa innovators, tech guru, co-founders and investors from various places such as universities, corporate organizations and individuals. We want to have a community of highly talented people to provide solutions to the problems of unemployment among youths in Africa by creating thousands of jobs every year.


Some of the Digital Hub Africa Creative Village Activities Are;


  1. Incubator programs: Entrepreneurship training, business development, mentoring, leadership programs,


  1. Seed Fund: This is a startup capital to support and grow innovative ideas especially in tech business solution, web/mobile applications, entertainment, cloud services, online video, payment solutions, education apps, SMEs etc


  1. Co-working Space: Corporate office spaces for startups to work, meeting rooms and large space for training, events


  1. Networking: This is a weekend hangout event for aspiring entrepreneurs and opportunity to

network with angel investors. This networking event will also help startups to brainstorm and work together.


  1. Afrineurs Event: This event is projected to connect all our startups communities across Africa

together in order to network, share ideas and partner on new business or innovation. It will serve as a spring up idea to have a unity of purpose.



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